c’est la sad, and c’est la swimming.

the song “swimming with sorrows” came on highway 395 after hearing a guy on the radio talk about how he tried to drown his sorrows with drink, but then he learned that his sorrows could swim.

i have tried many things, as we all have, and the living, the life, i suppose, is in the jumping in. i am the very american monolingual daughter of an elegant parisian jewess so i feel entitled to my poetical franglish, thank you. c’est la swimming.

this record was made by my friends, my champions, brothers. i am lovingly referring to them as “lazy fire.” get it?

the story is longer, but the short version is that tony tisdale, gene lushtak, and i met up at gene’s gorgeous house in fairfax, california for 3 sleepless days and nights with rented gear and a bunch of songs that only i had ever heard before.  it was messy and beautiful, the way we wanted it. tony got violently ill but pushed through and wrote tasty hooks and played the shit out of that crappy drum kit. there were heated debates about the merits of “working weed” in such a time-pressured situation. i made some very good food. gene held it down on the upright bass and made fairy magic on the mandolin on december. we were happy. the three of us have been refugees from music in our own ways, living completely different lives in three very different west coast cities for some time now. this was a golden moment in time.

the raw files were then taken back up to portland with me. scotty weddle cleaned them up and recorded what we didn’t have time for - a (very) few backing vocals, replaced some drum sounds (the crappy kit), and wrote a gorgeous piano part for december that reminds me, funny enough, of george winston. josh crawley graced us with his wurly sweetness. mark orton, in between film scores, added effortless beauty not the least of which is his accordion solo on wrecking ball, some organs, bells, steel guitars and sparklehorse loops, and then he mixed the damn thing.

my vocals are almost all first take scratch vocals. since i only had tony and gene for three days we wanted to get as much as we could, and i thought i could re-record vocals in portland. i didn’t need to. to me, this is what this record is. the moment i sang those songs in that house with my friends, that was true, and those are my songs. i am proud of them as they are, and me as i am, as i swim along here… i am proud of these guys who lifted me up, and of my joe who showed up late night on day three and joined in on the men’s backing choir on wrecking ball. this is this imprint in time, now we move along to the next.

thank you for listening.

                                                                                                                                                                                     © starshine sanango music 2015